High Value Publishing

7 Critical Email Tips for Publishers

March 03, 2022 Eric Shanfelt Season 1 Episode 8
High Value Publishing
7 Critical Email Tips for Publishers
Show Notes

Email is the lifeblood for media companies. It's a revenue stream in its own right, but also drives web traffic, live and online event registration, and is the most effective channel for generating new subscriptions for paid, free, and controlled publications.

But I still see media companies make mistakes that hurt their deliverability, open rates and thus, revenue. I want to share some critical email tips for publishers to address the mistakes that I see most often.

In this session you'll learn how to:

  1. Monitor your email reputation to ensure deliverability.
  2. Check everything for mobile to make sure you don't lose readers.
  3. Consider the exclusive sponsorship model for email newsletters.
  4. Integrate subscriber upsells / renewals into your templates.
  5. Do sponsored emails the right way and avoid common pitfalls.
  6. Adapt to the impact of Apple iOS 15 on your open rates.
  7. Consider implementing DMARC and BIMI to improve open rates.

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